Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ah, Today.... What Can I Say

So today was very bittersweet. My finals are over and it was bad. My psychology teacher went crazy and decided to tell us we would get most of the questions wrong and it would be scaled. So i did very bad on that one. Biology was better. Then came night time when my mom was closer and closer to getting to school to pick me up. She got there and my heart dropped. I knew as soon as she called it would time for me to say goodbye to my Kelly Bean. It was sad, really, really sad, but I have to remember that it is only goodbye for a while. I am hopefully going to see her in NY over break. But I still miss my Bean Head....

First Post Not Relating to Class

Okay so, here is my first post not related to the class I have been previously enrolled in. It is finals week at good ol' KSC and it is crazy! Not with the tests, but with my friends. A few of my friends are leaving the KSC campus for the rest of their college time. My friend Kelly is moving back to NY to get her education there, and my friend Elizabeth is just leaving our residence hall to live with her fiance in their new house 30 minutes away. Both of them have been amazing, and will be missed a lot!!!! Well, that is all for now, be back soon but now i need sleep and to study!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

HW 35: Dear Blog Readers…

So blog readers, the end is coming… well the end of the semester is coming. This is one of my last blog posts for the class and we were asked to write a letter to all of you letting you know what our experiences were using the internet as a means of communication. I have learned over the past 13 weeks that blogs can be a means of empowerment for well, anyone. You can be an anonymous writer and write what you feel instead of everyone knowing who you are. I hope everyone could learn about all the things I have learned about in class from reading my blog. Hopefully everyone who has read my blog has learned something new and could understand where I come from with my opinions. I feel very proud of all my work. I was so nervous about putting my writing on the internet where everyone could see. I usually don't like people reading my work but with this blog it has helped me be more confident with my writing. Once this class is over I think I will keep my blog going. Not with answering reading prompts but maybe with things that I enjoy and hope you would too. I'm not sure how many readers I have out there but I hope there are some, and I would like to say thanks for reading…. And yah, I don't know what else. Ha-ha.



HW 34: Tea Time in Baghdad

Reading about the custom of tea in Iraq from Baghdad Burning this week was really interesting. I learned that in Baghdad you don't use teabags when you drink tea. "If you serve "teabag tea" to an Iraqi, you risk scorn and disdain—a teabag is an insult to tea connoisseurs. It speaks of a complete lack of appreciation for the valuable beverage." (Riverbend 108) This shows me that they don't mess around with teatime there. They use actual tea leaves boiled in water for their tea. Riverbend speaks very highly of their tea. She talks about the glass cups they drink the tea out of called "istikans" that are shaped like the number 8. She also says that the color of the tea needs to be the perfect deep red-brown color. Another thing she points out is the amount of sugar each person gets. "2 spoons for dad and I, 3 for E. and one for mom." (Riverbend, 109) they talk about lots of things such as hijackings, demonstrations, gas, or empty water pumps. This tea Riverbend and her family talk about the Turkish troops. This is not normal for us to see talking about at the dinner table, but to them it is everyday conversation.